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Tax Compliance and Bookkeeping

In every country, there are specific tax rules and we are here to help and guide you through the process on how to be a compliant taxpayer and keep your transaction records up-to-date.

Are you a business owner or a self-employed professional?

We bet that you know how important Accounting is, right? You see, a lot of businesses do offer services and products but we do have one headache in common. Yes, you got it right and it is accounting! True, it is important that business financial records are kept up-to-date for monitoring. But the most important why businesses or individuals should do accounting is simple – TAXES
“As long as the business is operating, we cannot escape the obligation to pay our dues or taxes. Everything is government-mandated and our compliance is to pay the right taxes.”
Now that’s where bookkeeping comes in. You have to keep your day-to-day transactions as recorded on a daily basis as possible. This will help you to track your business spending and watch your cash flow’s in and out. Also, anything you record on your Books of Accounts is under audit by the government. 

So what's the problem?

Most businesses cannot get their books up-to-date because of the volume of transactions. Also, they cannot track it daily because they focus on improving business performance. Then, if you are a small but growing business and you have limited manpower, that would be a big headache for you. Some would hire an accountant in-house. That can be good, at least someone will track the daily transactions of your business. But relying on the internal and external alone to your in-house accountant can cost that much. From the accountant’s salary up to its benefits, you will shoulder everything. And you are not sure if they are doing the work that needs to do.
Some would hire outsourced accountants. Well, it is cost-effective. But are you sure that they are adept enough to maintain your books and transactions? Most accountants do financial or management accounting because it is generally accepted. Yet, they forgot to do a superior type of accounting system. This is what the businesses needed – that is TAX-BASED ACCOUNTING. Whether checking an accountant or an outsourced Accounting firm, you can ask, “Are you doing tax-based accounting in practice?” If they said no or they didn’t know how, how can they even help you?

The Value of

Tax-Based Accounting

Tax-based Accounting relies on the TAX CODE itself which is imposed here in the Philippines and used by BIR. 

Then what’s in it for you and why outsource with us?

We commit to providing quality financial information in a timely and accurate manner. By means of keeping your business records up-to-date and maintained is our core strategy. Aside from keeping the records maintained and up-to-date, we ensure that the workaround being done for your business financial records is in line with the acceptable government standards. And since we are an outsourced service firm, you only pay what you actually need – the Service. 

Does it sound good to you? 

Not only that, we help also our clients to be well-informed and kept them also up-to-date for any changes in the filing and on the latest understanding about the Taxation Code.
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