KeepSmart Consultancy Solution Inc.


KeepSmart Consultancy is not like any other businesses. We are a business who cares with fellow businesses.

Who We Are

KeepSmart Consultancy Solution Inc. is known as an advocate on helping taxpayers to know and understand their rights to protect their business and pay the right amount of taxes to the government. 

Our Mission

We believe in empowering business owners, managers, accountants, and non-accountants to comply with the law by spreading the latest developments in tax and business laws in the Philippines. 

What We Do

Our Process



This is where we identify the tax or accounting problem that needs to be solved and other pain points in business that our client experienced. That’s why we always recommend having an appointment to book a 1-on-1 discovery call. 



Once we’re done assessing the pain points in our client’s accounting and taxation system, we do a research of various solutions that can help them to be compliant, streamline their process, and keep their financial records organized. 



After doing the research, we provide our client with a customized  solution that is uniquely strategized according to their business need in a form of a PDF copy. The solution is exactly made for them only not with anyone else. 



Once it is accepted, we’ll go ahead with implementing it across our team. We will also keep the client onboarded throughout the process and once the project has been finished, we book another 1-on-1 call with them to finalize everything. 

Why Choose Us?

Simple. We understand, help, protect, and empower businesses. Also, we have a strategic approach on how we handle each projects we have.

We don’t let individual members handle projects. We always get our team involved in every process and distribute project tasks according to our member’s own expertise. This strategy proves more efficient rather than letting a single person do everything from start to finish.

We always keep our lines open from Mondays to Fridays, 9:00am to 6:00pm. Our clientele works on the same hours of operation which makes our support efficient and fast. We have an award-winning support team that can definitely handle client’s questions and concerns. 

Since most of our services are for businesses, all of them are results-oriented. That means, output is more important than hours rendered. We accept projects that do have defined goal and achievable by producing quality results.

We said we approach projects as a team right? Not only that, all of our members are experienced professionals in the business consulting industry. We have sets of business consultants, accountants, tax consultant partners, independent contractors, and liaison officers that are equipped with variety of business skills that can definitely handle each project tasks.