KeepSmart Consultancy Solution Inc.

Tax Audit and Dispute Assistance

Tax audit can be a stressful experience and sometimes expensive. We help businesses in their tax audit by helping them prepare when it comes.

Tax is the lifeline of the community

Keepsmart Consultancy Solution Inc. believes on empowering business owners, managers, accountants, and non-accountants to comply with the law. How? By spreading the latest developments on and Philippine Business and Taxation laws as we dissect current issues affecting the business community. 

We advocate in helping taxpayers to know and understand their rights to protect their businesses and pay the right amount of taxes to the government.


What can you count us in?

We always consider the needs of our clients and the government with the end in view of upholding what is right. Tax is a significant cost in business. If you don’t know how to comply with what our Tax Code and Mandatory laws required it will bring you a lot of trouble and might be charged for huge penalties causing some businesses to close. 

We do not let that happen to our clients. We take pride in imparting knowledge that adds value to our clients’ businesses. Not only that, we help also our clients to be well-informed and keep them up-to-date for any changes in business and tax requirements, the latest understanding about the Philippine Taxation, and how to protect their businesses when tax audits happens.

The Value of

KeepSmart's Tax Dispute and Assistance

We help, protect, and empower taxpayers to make changes for a better business and tax compliance. 

Then what's in it for you and why trust us?

We help taxpayers to know and understand their rights to due process. We correctly identify your tax problems and legal solutions to avoid any criminal or civil penalty. We make sure all presumptions are in favor of the correctness of Tax Assessments. 

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